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The Very Best Exterior Painters in Ottawa

Ask Ottawa-Gatineau Painting for expert exterior application of all types of paints, stains and wood preservatives. Our thorough process ensures that your house remains beautiful long after the project is complete. The Ottawa-Gatineau Painting process is the key to precise work and exceptional results. The steps include:

Exceptional Protection of Your Property

  • Cover ground and plantings with drop cloths
  • Protect roof and non-painted areas from paint drops
  • Thoroughly clean the work area when done

Efficient and Conscientious Preparation

  • Scrape and sand all loose paint
  • For good adherence, power washing to remove dirt and mildew
  • Chemical stripping of wood if needed

Caulking and Paint Coats

  • Caulk all joints to prevent damage from moisture
  • Apply oil primer to all bare wood for good adhesion
  • Paint surfaces with brushes and rollers or sprayers if necessary

Two-Year Exterior Warranty with Free Touch-ups

Ottawa-Gatineau Painting guarantees all labour and materials for two years from our completion date, or we will touch up any flaws free of charge. Our crew performs repairs only on the areas where our products have failed. In no event are we responsible for consequential or incidental damages caused by accidents or abuse. Please note that Ottawa-Gatineau may not be able to reproduce the exact colour, due to natural fading.

Exclusions to the Exterior Warranty

Ottawa-Gatineau cannot guarantee a completely smooth paint finish over surfaces where multiple coats have been previously applied. Our warranty excludes peeling on smooth-side cedar clapboards due to mill glazing, which occurs when the milling process leaves a wax-like film on the wood’s surface. The warranty also excludes:

  • Railings, stairs and porches
  • Wood gutters and deck flooring
  • Areas of high foot traffic
  • Areas exposed to direct rain and constant moisture
  • Areas exposed to temperature changes
  • Areas with ventilation or drainage problems

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Need more Reason to choose our exterior painting services?

Ottawa-Gatineau Painting is your number one choice for exterior painters in the Ottawa Valley. Our exceptional service is backed by years of experience and passion for customer satisfaction. You can trust our professional painters to update or transform the exterior of your house into an eye-catching masterpiece. Increase your home’s curb appeal with our expert exterior application of the highest-quality paints, stains and wood preservatives. Whatever the challenges, our team will make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

Ottawa and Gatineau experience some of the most extreme weather conditions in the country. From bitter-cold winters to sweltering summers to rainy, wet and blustery autumns and springs, the Ottawa Valley is no stranger to harsh conditions. That’s why it’s so important to employ highly skilled painters who use premium products to withstand extreme weather, harsh sun rays and the test of time. Ottawa-Gatineau Painting uses only the best painting products on the market for the demanding climate.

Our exterior painting is guaranteed for two years, or we will touch up any flaws, free of charge. To ensure complete protection of your property, our crew will cover the ground, rooftop and non-painted areas from paint drops with drop cloths, and we will thoroughly prepare your home’s exterior by stripping, scraping and washing away any dirt or loose paint.

Our care and accuracy will make your house the envy of your neighbors. Transform your tired, outdated or damaged exterior into the home of your dreams. Whether you want to increase the value of your home with an updated look or the outside of your house needs a much-needed makeover, Ottawa-Gatineau Painting is here to help you achieve your painting goals.

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