Residential Interior Painting

Interior Painting in Ottawa

Before the Ottawa-Gatineau Painting crew and supervisor begin work on your home’s interior, we take all necessary precautions to protect your furniture and valuable possessions. And we always clean up before departing each night, to leave your home neat and orderly. Our protective measures include:

  • Moving all furniture away the work area
  • Covering furniture and belongings with plastic
  • Masking all light fixtures, hinges and doorknobs
  • Protecting your floors with drop cloths

Preparation for Smooth Application

Good preparation helps ensure that paint application goes smoothly. Ottawa-Gatineau Painting approaches every interior job professionally with steps to make your project go quickly and expertly. Our painters always prepare for a superior finish when they:

  • Fill nail holes. Strip old wall coverings.
  • Repair plaster cracks and holes.
  • Caulk gaps between mouldings and walls or ceilings.
  • Sand and dust all surfaces.

Expert Painters Guarantee a Smooth Application

Ottawa-Gatineau painters use expert application techniques with the best products available. Our professionals even apply a primer coat to your wall when installing wallpaper. They take care of damage and flaws as they work, so all you see is perfection when the job is done. Application steps include:

  • Primer applied to bare wood and other surfaces as needed.
  • Stain-blocking primers for water and smoke stains.
  • Paint all surfaces with rollers and brushes.

The Ottawa-Gatineau Interior Paint Warranty

Ottawa-Gatineau Painting guarantees labour and material for a period of two years from the completion date of the work, or we will return to touch up our work free of charge. We perform repairs only on areas where our products have failed. In no event will Ottawa-Gatineau Painting be responsible for the consequential or incidental damages caused by accident or abuse. Exact colour cannot be guaranteed due to natural fading. The Ottawa-Gatineau Painting interior guarantee excludes:

  • Cracks or peeling paint from tape or stickers applied to wall surfaces.
  • Water stains due to leaks.
  • Fading or appearance change from accumulated dirt or particles.

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