When renovating or redecorating your home, there are few things more annoying or time-consuming than dealing with old wallpaper that just doesn’t want to come off. If you’re struggling to remove your wallpaper and you’re worried about damaging the wall underneath, here are a few ways of dealing with it.

Painting Over Wallpaper: A Debate

Many frustrated people often find themselves toying with the idea of painting right over wallpaper that doesn’t want to let go. The argument is that if the wallpaper is stuck to the point where even manually trying to remove it is impossible, then it isn’t going to peel off any time soon and leave big unpainted spots all over your walls. It sounds like a solid case. However, we still don’t recommend painting over wallpaper. The result is an uneven finish with noticeable seams and the possibility (even the probability) that the wallpaper will eventually start to peel off anyway.

At-Home Solutions

There are many at-home concoctions you can make that removes old wallpaper. You probably have many of these items in your home already. Here are a few old-fashioned wallpaper removal hacks:

  • Mix one parts vinegar to three parts warm water in a bucket. With a sponge, saturate one corner of the wall for a few minutes before scraping the paper off with a knife or scraper.
  • Add a cup of dish detergent in 4 litres of water. Sponge down your walls until saturated and peel the paper off starting at the corner.
  • For really tough stains, spray a 50:50 solution of fabric softener and water directly on the walls. Allow to soak through thoroughly before removing.

Industrial Solutions

Finding inexpensive wallpaper removing solution at your local home improvement store is fairly easy. While these products won’t be as safe or as eco-friendly as at-home solutions, they may speed up the process.


Wallpaper glue that still refuses to scrape off may soften under steam. While it is typically more expensive, it could offer a faster turnaround and an eco-friendlier process. If you’re not keen on buying a steam wallpaper remover, consider renting one.

Professional Help

It’s admirable to want to remove wallpaper by yourself. But if it’s becoming a long, drawn-out task with no end in sight, we highly recommend hiring a professional like Ottawa Painter to take care of removing your unwanted wallpaper. We have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to handle even the most stuck-on wallpaper in order to give your walls the blank slate it needs to make your chosen paint colour look its best. For a free estimate on your painting needs, contact us today.