Not everyone can paint well, either on the exterior or on the interior of a building. Indeed, there are many good reasons to hire professional house painters. The main reason is that they will get the job done right, and that’s because they understand how paint works.

How Does Paint Work?

The important thing to know about paint is that it operates according to certain principles which, if violated, can cause the surface you’re applying it on to look unsightly. Some paints are water-based, while others use oil as their vehicle and repel water.

In either case, the surface must be prepared so that it can hold the paint, which can adhere to it either mechanically — by filling tiny holes and irregularities — or chemically — by forming a single material with the surface.

The following effects can result from painting improperly:

  • Blistering — applying an oil-based paint to a moist surface
  • Peeling — painting a surface that is dirty or too moist or glossy
  • Cracking — moisture, inferior paint, uneven application of paint
  • “Alligatoring” — accumulating too many layers of paint on a surface

Only by hiring professional house painters can one ensure that a good job will be done and that its effects will last for years.

Because there is so little room for error, you need to find the right professional home painting company. Hiring qualified professionals at Ottawa Gatineau Painting rather than doing it yourself will save you time and money -not to mention headaches.

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