Nothing sets your home or business apart quite like a gleaming exterior, and this includes the curb out front or the deck as the case may be. However, wood and concrete are some of the most difficult surfaces to properly clean because of their numerous natural nooks and crannies. You could spend the last glorious days of summer scrubbing with a sponge and soap and never get the last of the grit out. Likewise, if you own a commercial enterprise, cleaning and re-cleaning your street-front area can be time consuming and costly. Yet, having an impeccable property is the key to attracting business or increasing the curb appeal of your home. Power washing is an effective and fun way to get that extra shine.

Don’t believe us on the fun? Just watch some before and after videos!

The difference in appearance is undeniable and that alone can be the deciding factor when someone chooses to use power washing to improve the look of their home or business. But there are several other benefits to power washing your property, beyond the simply astonishing aesthetics.

Power washing can protect your property from natural decay as it ages. Porous materials, especially wood, are vulnerable to debris getting into the cracks as it dries and ages. Finishing treatments are one possible way to prevent this for a time, but even varnish will start to tarnish. Power washing is a natural solution for any homeowner wondering if it is time to re-stain every wooden surface in sight. Concrete is susceptible to breakage due to debris as well. In Canada, with our varying extremes of weather, any loving care you can give to your sidewalk or driveway goes an incredibly long way in preventing serious cracks that can lead to structural damage.

Power washing can also eliminate many different molds, which can contribute to decreased air quality and even respiratory difficulties. Have you noticed that you or your children are having a harder time with wheezing when it comes to playing on the deck or yard? Mold and allergens embedded in the wood might be the culprit. A good power wash will clear that up and allow you and your family to breathe easy again. And don’t worry about replacing natural pollen with unnatural bleaches: power washing uses water and biodegradable cleaners for a completely environmentally conscious solution to the most intense deep cleaning needs.

For commercial properties, there is another bonus to power washing over other conventional cleaning methods: you can keep your business clean on a schedule, at no time investment for you or your employees. The power washing can be done in off hours, or whenever is most convenient to you and your business. Our highly trained, experienced, and insured team will perform the deep cleansing your building needs to attract more people through the doors.

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