Sprucing up one room, or your entire home, with a new coat of paint can make all the difference.  But choosing one cohesive colour scheme for the various living spaces (not to mention conflicting tastes if there is a teenager in the house) can make the adventure seem more like an ordeal.  If you’ve already gone through the pastel nursery and muted office stages, you know that you don’t need one colour for your entire property.  You don’t even need one colour for a single room!  An accent wall—one wall, or even part of a wall, painting in contrast to the other three—can be the perfect stylistic choice for anyone short on time or in the mood for a dramatic flair.

Darker tones can add a particularly sophisticated ambience to any room, but they also can also lend a stuffy air to enclosed spaces.  Choosing one wall in an otherwise brightly coloured room to go over in a deep brown, or even charcoal grey, can be the perfect combination of light and reflection.  On the other hand, you can liven up a serious space, such as a study or workroom, with a splash of vibrant yellow.  For the even more adventurous, multi-toned accent wall can be a wonderful way to express all the creativity and passion that you have for your home.

Accent walls can also be coupled with another new home decorating trend: the organic, stripped, or wood panelled wall.  If your living room has a chair railing, this could be the perfect choice for you.  Use the natural feeling of wood on the lower half, bare or stained, and a deep complimentary colour above.  If you have a darker wood, this might be the chance for a vibrant hue to really open up the space.

Still, even just one wall can seem a daunting task.  You should remove as much furniture from the room as possible and place any large pieces that can’t be moved elsewhere in the centre of the room, and then lay down protection for your flooring.  To get the best finish possible, we suggest caulking in any gaps between the molding and the ceiling and filling in any cracks.

No matter the scale of your interior painting project, we understand that long-lasting quality is of the utmost importance.  The professional team at Ottawa Gatineau painting has the years of experience to ensure your newly painted room will be shining bright for years to come.  We are so sure we can deliver the high quality painting that homeowners deserve that all our services come with a two-year warranty.  So, you can have your style with ease of mind and at an affordable price.  To get a free quote, or to inquire about any of the services we offer, contact Ottawa Gatineau Painting today.