Interior painting is a fabulous project that can freshen up the house within a very short time. Despite its usefulness, many people fail to get it right. Normally, this is attributed to the preparations that they made prior to the actual paint job. If you are planning to paint any room, then you have to start with the following preparations.

Remove Wall hangings

Many people forget to bring down wall hangings before painting while others think that painting around them will save time. The truth is leaving them in place actually slows you down while also putting them in harm’s way. Once you have brought them down, keep them safe using bubble wrap and storage bins.

Remove Furniture

Professional painters like Ottawa-Gatineau Painting do not bump into chairs and tables as they work. This is because they take time to eliminate all the furniture that may be in their way. Likewise, you have to remove furniture to avoid ruining your upholstery with paint. It is also imperative to note that shoving all your furniture in the hallway is not advisable because you could still break them. Instead, look for an empty room, or even better, rent additional storage for the period when you will be painting.

Cover Your Flooring

If you have a hardwood floor, then you know that taking care of it can be quite a hustle. This is even worse if it gets traces of paint. Fortunately, you can avoid additional problems by covering it up before you get started. Plastic sheeting is one of the best materials that you can use to accomplish this although you should also be careful to avoid puncturing it. A heavy canvas drop cloth can also be useful here.

Clean the Walls

Working on a wall without preparing it is a very big mistake. Preparing walls for painting is as easy as cleaning them. Use a solution of water and a little detergent to remove any spots that may affect your final work. If they are heavily stained, then bleach them before painting. It is also important that you let the walls dry before you get started.

Have a Staging Area

You do not need to have all the paint in the room where you are working from. Mixing and even pouring into containers will most likely lead to spillage and this becomes extra work. Instead, setup a staging area preferably just outside the room. This will save you time since you get to keep all the tools here.


By taking time to prepare a room before painting, you are making the entire process a lot easier. Therefore, take time to go through these preparations for the best results and when in doubt, talk to the experts at Ottawa Gatineau Painting.