Human beings have strong emotional and intellectual connections with colour.  From the cues of nature to the images imprinted on us from when we are infants, colours have distinct meanings and connotations, both conscious and sub-conscious.  Here are some ideas for which rooms of your home to paint what colour:

The Kitchen

Everybody has to eat! This indisputable fact of nature makes the kitchen one of the highest points of traffic in the house.  Studies have shown, if you want a family that’s got a healthy appetite, a bold, deep red is the way to go.  This sort of red has been proven to encourage hunger and is even used by restaurants to enhance their customer’s experience.

The Nursery

Gender-neutral colours are the way to go.  Pale yellows or greens, shades that are not quite pastel colours, but still soft and soothing, make for a great long-lasting colour for your child’s bedroom.  These sort of colour pallets are constructive to helping your child feel at peace and safe in their own space.

The Bathroom

Blue! Often times, you can’t go wrong with a classic.  A splashy, textured cerulean mixed with a deeper blue can make the bathroom feel like a luxury paradise.  Anyone up for a bath will feel right at home in the water.

The Master Bedroom

Sometimes, in a world of such complexity, a little minimalism can be a welcome sight.  A smooth, simple, soothing white can make waking up in the morning a joyful, welcoming and bright experience.   White will also co-ordinate with any sort of décor you wish to have and allow you to be bold in other facets of your decorating.

Colours have all sorts of societal and personal meaning associated with them.  It’s important to keep those meanings close to your heart when painting the interior of your home.