In acting everyone knows what the “fourth wall” is and how there’s an art to breaking it. In the realm of Interior Design, we have a fifth wall – the ceiling – which can be just as artful and fun to play with.

Ceiling painting can make a world of difference to a given room and open up many options for your colour palette. The ceiling is an often vast sea of white that many just leave alone. But adding a design to it could really develop an added ambience. Our professionals will take your ideas onto your walls. Here are some ideas for your ceiling!

Type of Paint to Go For

First things first, you want to make sure that a flat-finished wall paint is chosen for your ceiling. This kind of paint eliminates any kind of surface defects on your ceiling. It also effectively avoids ceiling glare and improves the texture of your ceiling. Because it isn’t reflective, it will give you a beautiful solid flat colour that will apply easily.

Splatter resistant and water resistant paints are also the way to go. We’ll make sure you have the right products for your ceiling design.

Elongated Ceilings and Dark Colours

Do you have rooms in the house with elongated high ceilings? Sometimes these types of rooms can be hard to decorate because it can be difficult to balance the decorations in the room. Too many ornaments on the wall can take away from the space yet not enough colour activity can make it feel large and empty.

Tip: You can use colour to play with the architecture of the room.

  • Choose a dark contrasting accent colour
  • Paint a shape such as a square or a rectangle over a designated part of the room such as over a dining set or living area to act as a focal point
  • You can also add ornaments such as chandeliers or light fixtures to embellish the focal point

Fifth Wall as the Accent Wall

This is great for bedrooms to increase the amount of light. Maybe you love the colour Turquoise but you do not want the density of the colour to take over the room.

Or maybe you’d like to accent your room with a soft stripped pattern in a slightly warmer colour than your neutral walls.

No matter the case, keeping your walls neutral with accents on the ceiling is a great choice because it lets you keep some boldness in your design. This will give the room a sense of dynamism while maintaining the light in the room.