Finding the right colour scheme for your home can be an ongoing challenge. Traditional colours like white and neutral shades of beige can easily become drab and boring. Experimenting with colour may seem like a bold design choice but with the right research and preparation, you can create a truly stunning and unique room in your home. Here are just a few surprising colour combinations that can brighten up any home.

Blue-Green and Brown-Red

A light blue painted tinted with green and a deep, brownish red can create an interesting visual appeal when paired together. Green and red are complimentary colours. The slight shade of green in colours like aquamarine and teal pair well with red, while the blue helps to balance out the pairing to prevent the room from looking like the set of a Christmas movie. A rich, brown-tinted red creates a cozy and rustic feel, and when paired with a blueish hue like teal or aquamarine, your room can invoke the charm of a fall afternoon in the countryside.

Coral and Sea Foam Green

For a bright and airy room with an eclectic twist, try pairing coral pink with an accent of sea foam green. Coral is a soft shade of pink that is vibrant without being overbearing. Similarly, sea foam green is a green that has been softened with white and a hint of blue. These light pastel shades work together to create a space that is both spacious and inviting. These delicate hues are very relaxing when paired together, making them the ideal paint colours for nurseries or guest bedrooms.

Picking the right colour combination to paint your home can be a huge task. Try something bold and exciting with a fun and stylish colour scheme. If you’re thinking about taking this kind of adventurous home decor risk, a professional painting service can ensure that you get the results you desire. Contact us today at Ottawa Gatineau Painting for more information about our expert interior painting services.