Finding the right painting company means doing a lot more than paying the first person or company that you find with a can of paint and a brush. Your home is your palace, and that means that you need everything to go right, and for everything to look great. You don’t want to hire someone only to regret it later on down the road. If you are wondering which painting company you should hire, there are some questions you should always ask them before doing business.

Do you offer a warranty?

This is always an important question to ask. You want to make sure that you get a guarantee of satisfaction.  Make sure that the company you choose is always willing to back itself up with a warranty. If they are worth their paint brushes, then they will be confident enough to know that they can satisfy your wishes when it comes to the look of your home. If they don’t, then run away.

Do you offer suggestions for color?

This may seem strange, but you want a company that can help guide you along in the process. We aren’t just painters here at our company. Our craftsmen are so experienced that they sometimes remind us more of artists. They have seen so many different colors, styles, and designs that they will be able to tell you what fits where if you need them to. A company that can’t offer you any style suggestions probably doesn’t have enough experience to do so.

How long will the job take?

Of course it will never be possible to tell exactly how long something will take. There are so many variables involved that a precise date won’t always be possible. However, an experienced company has taken on enough projects that they can give you a good estimate on how long something will take. You should ask this question to find out which companies mean business, and which ones don’t. If they reply with a very vague answer, then they probably don’t have enough experience to let you know. If they tell you immediately that this type of project usually takes a week, then you know they’ve got the know-how to give you a projection. We always let you know immediately how long we think your project will take.

The paint that goes on the inside and outside of your home is extremely important to both your home’s health, and to the appearance. You want to wake up knowing your home looks great inside, and you want the people passing by to notice how great it looks on the exterior. Don’t trust a company that can’t answer these questions that you should always ask when finding a painting company. Ottawa Painters will always offer a warranty, guide you through the process, and give you fair estimates on your home.