Trim paint is a great opportunity to freshen up the look of any room. Sometimes a new coat of trim paint is all you need to brighten an area in a space and it also can give an old home a sense of newness. Trim paint can also be used in a variety of ways in home design. Here are some interesting ways you can use trim paint to accentuate your home’s space.

Dark Trim Paint

Using a darker trim paint to contrast the wall colour is a great way to give a room a crisp and modern look. Imagine a room with light pouring through the window onto bright and freshly painted white walls outlined by a thick silhouette of bold chocolate brown trim.

Trim can tie together a whole room to integrate its many aspects, from furniture to artwork on the walls. In this scenario, a room with a lot of wooden furniture like a dining area would look great with this sort of design.

Subtle Trim Paint

This way of using trim paint is to create a slight, subtle accent in a room that uses less thickness and a lighter contrasting trim colour. The trim paint could run around the very top of the ceiling, over doorframes, window frames and also along the very bottom near the floor. This ties the room together into a unified theme in a way that is less bold but still noticeable. This is perfect for any kind of room particularly common areas and bedrooms.

Trim Paint to Create Texture

Trim paint can also be used to give your room a little more texture. Don’t have a lot of stuff for the walls? No problem, you can create design ideas through how you decide to have your house painted! Using a glossy trim paint contrasted to a cream-based wall colour is an eye-catching way to use trim paint to texture. The trim paint will function as a key element of décor in the room working to create a minimalist look on its own or to support other home décor ideas.

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