Redecorating your living room is always a good idea to improve your house’s saleability and to bring it into the modern era. So, if you’re stuck with an outdated fireplace, you may hit a roadblock if you aren’t sure how to fix the limestone or red brick. While fireplaces are always a huge selling point, they can work against you if a potential buyer can’t see past the tired or drab look. Whether you’re hoping to move or you want to revamp your home, here are your options for improving your fireplace without breaking your budget.


Although it’s not such a popular option for exposed-brick enthusiasts, plastering right over your old brick can give your living or dining room a fresh new look and a blank canvas that provides many decorating opportunities. Plastering is not expensive, and as long as you make sure to use fire and heat-resistant plaster, you’ll have a perfectly functional and perfectly safe update.


Sometimes it’s not the fireplace itself that’s the problem, but the floor it’s sitting on. If your hearth is stained, old-fashioned, or showing signs of wear and tear, retiling it with modern tiles can take it a long way. There’s so much you can do with modern tiles, such as Moroccan patterns and neutral tones. Or, you can choose to replace your tiles with a clean slate slab, which gives your fireplace a timeless, clean look.

Replacing the Mantel

Mantelpieces can easily make your fireplace look outdated and uninspired. Replacing the mantel with something more modern and rustic can give your room a new focal point you can be proud of. For a mantelpiece that genuinely inspires a cozy but stylish feel, try a raw edge floating mantelshelf.


If time and money aren’t readily available, the most sensible and often most time-efficient solution is to paint the brick a warm and modern colour. Many homeowners are often scared of painting their brick, but if you aren’t satisfied with the natural colour, you won’t be losing any points by painting your fireplace a neutral tone that complements the rest of the house. White isn’t your only option. These days, modern fireplace colours range from soft creams to greys, and even smoky greens.

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