Many homeowners think that their only options for flooring are tile, hardwood, and laminate. But there’s another kind of flooring that is economical, attractive, and customizable: epoxy flooring.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a smooth, shiny resin that is applied over concrete to give it a polished and bright finish. It is commonly used in warehouses, garages, mud rooms, and basements. One of the reasons it hasn’t been a popular choice in homes is that it used to present a cold, bland, and industrial feel that many homeowners found unattractive and unwelcoming. But with the advancements in flooring, epoxy is no longer the uninspiring surface it used to be. Here are five advantages of having an epoxy floor:

#1: High-Gloss Shine Instantly Brightens Any Room

Because of the shiny quality of epoxy surfaces, you’ll notice your rooms are instantly brighter, as much as 300%. This quality makes epoxy flooring naturally more inviting and perfect for dark basement rooms, garages, or low-light rooms where there isn’t a lot of natural light. You can select any colour—or even 3D image—for your epoxy flooring, which gives you total design freedom.

#2: A Highly Durable Surface

One of the reasons epoxies are a popular choice for warehouses and industrial buildings is that it is highly resistant to cracks, burns, wear-and-tear, chemicals, and heavy foot traffic. Other types of flooring or carpeting will show signs of wear much sooner than epoxy floors. Plus, it is naturally resistant to dust, debris, and dirt, making it ideal for mudrooms, gyms, and entryways.

#3: Inexpensive Application and Maintenance Costs

Because of its high resistance, replacing or fixing your floors cost much less than vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. The self-levelling flooring is durable and lasts for years without the need for frequent touch-ups or upkeep. A simple sweeping is often all you need to make your floors sparkle and shine.

#4: Safety Features

On top of the slip-resistant additives that we offer, epoxy surfaces are impact, heat, and fire resistant, which makes them an ideal choice for areas where chemicals or flammable items are stored, such as kitchens and garages. Get all the shine without the slipperiness. 

#5: Low Environmental Impact

Compared to how much manufacturing is involved in carpet, laminate, or vinyl, epoxy flooring is considered an energy efficient alternative, as there is minimal production, maintenance, and waste involved. Many companies opt for epoxy flooring as a green material to promote sustainability.

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