Choosing a paint colour that best compliments a room can sometimes be a frustrating challenge—with so many shades to choose from, it can be difficult to even know where to begin! Finding the right colour for your kitchen can be especially tough. Kitchens are a central hub in any home. With so many activities happening in one space, you want to choose a paint colour for your kitchen that is calming and doesn’t overwhelm the sense. Here are some of the best colours to paint your kitchen.


White or off-white paint is a classic choice for any kitchen. White walls open up a space and create a bright atmosphere, so white paint is a great choice for a small or enclosed kitchen area.  Because white paint is so versatile, it’s easy to pair with different countertops and backsplashes, making it the most accommodating paint choice for decorating.


Blue is a very popular shade for kitchens. Light blue walls provide the same brightness and versatility as white paint but with an added charm and coziness. Blue is a very vibrant colour and should be used sparingly—if the shade is too rich, it may end up overpowering the room. If diluted with white or another neutral, a light shade of blue can add a sense of wonder to your kitchen without being overwhelming.


An unconventional colour for home decor, yellow is becoming more and more popular as a paint colour for kitchens. A rich shade of yellow instantly brightens up any room, making it a great choice for kitchens that don’t get a large amount of natural light. Yellow is said to make people feel calm and happy, so it’s perfect for turning your kitchen into a pleasant and relaxing environment.

The right paint colour can turn your kitchen into one of the most charming rooms in your home. If you’re repainting your kitchen or any other room in your home, the professional team at Ottawa Gatineau Painting will get the job done quickly and efficiently. For the highest quality residential painting service in Ottawa and the surrounding area, contact us today.