Choosing the right colours to paint the interior of your home can be difficult. You want to find a colour that is warm and inviting without being loud or obnoxious, something that blends well with the decor of your house without just fading into the background. You can create your own original colour scheme for your home by using echo colour theory. Echo colour theory, a relatively new approach to interior design, is quickly becoming the most popular trend in the industry. Here is some more information about echo colour theory, how it works and how you can use it to improve the interior design of your home.

What is Echo Colour Theory?

Echo colour theory is an approach to interior design that uses repetition of the same or similar hues throughout a space to achieve an echo-like affect for the eyes. Colours can vary in intensity but should all be coordinated within the same colour pallet, just like how echoes can vary in volume but are based on the same original sound. The result is a stunning colour-coordinated room that creates a dynamic yet unified atmosphere.

How Do You Get Started Using Echo Colour Theory?

To get started implementing echo colour theory in your home, you must first choose a base colour. Once you choose this colour, find a few other complimentary hues that are a couple shade lighter or darker than your base colour. Make sure not to stray too far from your base colour in order to achieve the echo effect. Limit your accent colours to one or two hues, three at the most—any more than that may be overwhelming.

Echo colour theory is a great way to add a dynamic dimension to your home without overwhelming the space. If you need assistance choosing complimentary paint colours or getting the cleanest paint job possible, trust the professional and experienced team at Ottawa Gatineau Painting. For more information about our painting services, contact us today!