Over time, you may notice the paint job in your home starting to peel, bubble or crack. Paint damage is normal with regular wear and tear, especially if the paint job was done unprofessionally. Here are a few common causes of paint damage so you can identify them on your walls.

Paint Bubbling and Blistering

You may have noticed that the paint on your walls has started to form small blister-like bubbles. Paint bubbling can be caused by a variety of factors, including the following:

– Painting over damp, hot or dirty surfaces can lead to raised paint marks.
– Applying oil-based paint over latex paint can sometimes cause this bubbling effect. This can be avoided by using primer.
– Termites living inside your walls can cause that paint bubbling effect, so if you notice it in the extreme by sure to have your home inspected for a possible infestation.

Cracking Paint

Cracked or chipping paint may be an indication of a number of problems, including failure to prime the walls prior to painting. Low quality paint can also result in a cracked paint job down the road. Mixing paint types, like using half oil and half latex paints, will result in cracking as well. Finally, cracked paint could be an indication of a rushed paint job.

Peeling Paint

Paint shouldn’t peel off the walls after it dries. If you can peel the paint off your walls in long strips, it’s an indication of an improper paint job. The most common reason that paint peels is because the wall wasn’t given enough time to dry before the paint was applied. Make all all excess moisture is removed from your walls before each new coat of paint is applied to prevent peeling in the future.

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