Did you know that the colour of a room can change your mood? Some colours make you feel warm and cozy while others can feel oppressive, cold, and unpleasant.

Although everyone sees colours differently, there are certain shades that have proven to transform mood universally.

Here is a list of commonly used colours and the kinds of moods they elicit:


It’s hard for the colour yellow to go unnoticed. When used properly, it can provoke warm, happy, and cheerful emotions. If overused, it can be harsh and blinding.

Because of how much light it reflects, yellow is one of the most eye-attracting colours, but it can also be fatiguing to the eye. Yellow is a great colour to paint kitchens and bathrooms.


Red tends to evoke strong emotions. Often, this colour elicits moods on either end of the spectrum: passionate, or warm and romantic.

Either way, the colour red is bold and vibrant. It’s a great colour for dining rooms or lounges.


Considered to be calming and serene, blue is a great colour for a room that receives little natural light.

When used in darker shades, it has the potential to evoke feelings of melancholy and sadness, so stick to colours like periwinkle, or robin’s egg.


This colour tends to be associated with feelings of luxury and fullness. Because it’s such a rich colour, dark purple can be used to accent a room. Lighter shades of purple are great for painting bedrooms or lounges.


Green brings to mind ideas of freshness, environment, and calm. It does tend, however, to elicit feelings of coolness.

You may want to consider this colour for your bathroom or sunroom.


This is an exciting colour, provoking feelings of liveliness and enthusiasm. Brighter shades of orange are great for an exercise room or yoga studio.

In the bedroom, consider using a deeper shade of orange to calm things down.


Black can get a bad rap, but it’s more useful than you think.

This colour emphasizes trim, and makes the ceiling appear lower—creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. It’s also the best colour to conceal dirty walls.

Black is a fabulous colour for basements and ceilings.

White and Grey

Clean, minimalist, and cool—this is what you can expect from white and grey walls.

For people on a tighter budget, white walls are a classic way to go. Painting a room white also allows you to get creative with colourful accents. This colour does well in kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms.

Picking the right colour combination to paint your home can be intimidating. This season, try something bold and exciting with a fun and stylish colour scheme.

If you’re thinking about taking an adventurous home decor risk, a professional painting service can ensure that you get the results you desire. Contact us today at Ottawa Gatineau Painting for more information about our expert interior painting services.