Your walls are the canvas of your home, and, unfortunately, they sometimes show just how lively things can be. Taking care of your painted walls extends their lifetime and keeps your home’s interior looking fresh and put together. Ottawa-Gatineau Painting recommends repainting your walls every three to four years — especially in areas, such as corridors, which experience more wear and tear. That being said, there are some easy ways to maintain your walls in between painting jobs.

Courtesy of the home painting experts at Ottawa-Gatineau Painting, here are the best ways to maintain your interior paint:

Regular Cleaning

If your wall is the unfortunate victim of accidental spills, remove surface stains as quickly as possible. Use a non-abrasive cloth, such as microfibre or paper towel, dampened with water and gently rub the stain. Be careful to not rub too hard, as you will strip the paint’s original texture and be left with a visible shiny mark. If the stain persists, try using a small amount of dish soap combined with the water. This will work to degrade the grease or grime that is still clinging to your wall.

Mind Your Furniture

A lot of wall damage is created by the sharp edges found on many common furniture pieces. The dresser positioned against the wall or the photo frames decorating your hallway cause damage when they are moved even the slightest amount. This scuffs up your walls, leaving marks that are hard to remove without abrasion. Prevent this from happening by purchasing bumpers that you attach to the wall-facing side of your furniture and accessories. Usually, these bumpers are made of foam or velcro materials that reduce the impact and prevent wall damage. If you are moving furniture, consider wrapping sharp edges in foam or bubble wrap when trying to maneuver in tight spaces.

Choose Your Finish Wisely

Paint finishes make an enormous difference in withstanding traffic and frequent cleaning. Although you might think a matte, dark colour will complement your kitchen perfectly, after a few weeks, it might start looking shabby. High-gloss or semi-gloss paints are the easiest sheen to paint because they are light reflecting. This makes them the ideal choice for frequently used areas that are susceptible to damage, such as the kitchen. With greasy hands and failed cooking experiments, having walls that are easily cleaned is essential to keeping your kitchen looking brand new. If you’re looking to use more dramatic colours and finishes, try using them in the dining room or bedroom, which are typically low in traffic.

Contact our interior painting experts to help choose the best option for your space.

Fix Damage Promptly

If your walls have endured some damage, be sure to quickly tend to their condition and avoid your home looking like a permanent construction zone. The first step in doing so is assessing the damage. If it’s a small dent, chances are you will be able to fix it yourself, but if it’s a larger hole, you may want to call the professionals. Purchase a drywall putty from your local hardware store and spread the mixture over the affected area to fill in the gap and make it flush with the rest of the wall. After letting it dry, use sandpaper to smooth the surface, apply primer, and repaint. Make sure you use a mask to avoid accidentally inhaling paint and drywall fumes.

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