It’s no secret that wallpaper has made a comeback. It’s no longer synonymous with old-fashioned Victorian florals or busy kitchen patterns. Bold, colourful, and modern, wallpaper has undoubtedly become a preferred option for some home remodels. However, that’s not to say that paint has fallen out of favour. If you can’t decide between painting and wallpapering for your home or office, here’s some information to help you decide:

Small Spaces Are Prime Locations for Bold Designs

Small spaces tend to get swallowed up by larger vistas. Alcoves, foyers, and powder rooms are tiny areas in the home that lack square space and don’t really stand out. Installing bold or intricate wallpaper makes these areas suddenly pop out and become interesting focal points in their own regard. And because you’ll only be wallpapering these small areas, the job is relatively inexpensive.

It is also popular to go bold, intricate, or colourful with paint. Small spaces allow you to choose bright colour tones, such as sparkling rubies, deep emerald greens, or vibrant oranges without taking away from the theme of the home.

Wallpaper Tends to Be More Expensive

The beauty of painting is that it doesn’t require that much preparation to apply a coat. Getting a professional painting service saves you time and ensures that your paint job is flawless. Wallpapering, however, takes more than just the paper itself. On top of the paper rolls, which can vary greatly in price, you also need the equipment to adhere them properly to the walls and a professional team for installation. Because it’s a more complicated process, wallpapering tends to be more expensive and time-consuming.

Removing Wallpaper is a Real Pain

One of the biggest reasons wallpapering is such a hassle to apply is that it’s even more of a hassle to remove. Removing old wallpaper requires the right tools and know-how, otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the wall underneath. And if you’re the type of person who likes to keep their home updated on décor trends, you’ll likely find yourself wallpapering every three to five years.

Changing paint colours is much easier and much cheaper. Rather than removing the existing layer of paint, we simply paint over the walls with a primer and fresh coat of colour. There is also no real threat of damaging the walls beneath

Try a Combination of Both

If you’re really not sure which style of wall décor you prefer, you can also mix paint and wallpaper to give your room a truly unique look. A combination of both paint and wallpaper lends texture, depth, and colour to your indoor space. If texture is what you’re looking for, there are also specific paints that add texture and detail to your walls. Contact Ottawa Gatineau Painting today to discuss how we can easily transform your indoor spaces.