Many home owners may not realize how much a ceiling can influence the ambience of a room. An easy way to alter the atmosphere of any room is to repaint the ceiling. Painting your ceiling is a great way to make your home feel brighter and more open. Here are some ceiling painting tips from our expert team at Ottawa Gatineau Painting.

Get Cozy and Comfortable

Decorating rooms with high ceilings can be challenging. With the wrong decor or interior design, it’s easy for the space to feel cold, boring or sterile. Make your high-ceilinged room feel more cozy and intimate by painting your ceiling in a deep or colourful shade. This will help draw the eye upward and prevent your room from feeling too expansive. Paired with a decorative hanging chandelier, a warm ceiling colour can help make any space feel more united, comfortable and homey.

Open Up Your Space

For rooms that feel small and cramped, painting the ceiling a bright neutral shade such as white or creme can help make the space feel more open. Rather than painting the ceiling a different colour than the walls, keep the colour consistent throughout the entire room to create a sense of expansiveness. With the right ceiling colour, even the smallest rooms can feel like spacious and elegant.

Create a New Accent Wall

If your walls are painted in a neutral tone, consider adding an exciting decorative flair to your room by painting your ceiling a bold and bright colour. Turning your ceiling into an “accent wall” is a great way to add a bold dimension to your space that’s not jarring or overwhelming. Acting as a visual accent piece, your bright and colourful ceiling can unify the decorative elements in your room under a singular colour scheme. Add a truly dynamic and eye-catching visual element to any room with a bright and colourful ceiling.

A freshly painted ceiling can change the atmosphere of any space. For more home painting tips and to have your home professionally painted, contact us today at Ottawa Gatineau Painting.