Many people overlook or neglect the bathroom when considering the interior design of their home, but a well-designed and decorated bathroom can go a long way to enriching the ambiance of your house. Here are a few paint colour ideas that can help make you bathroom feel more charming and relaxing.

Light Green

Shades of light green are becoming an increasingly popular choice for bathroom paint. Colours such as sage green and seafoam have a soft and natural quality that translates into a peaceful environment. With white accents and trim, a hue of pastel green can create a beautiful earthy and natural atmosphere in your bathroom.


For a touch of whimsy, try painting your bathroom a soft pastel colour such as light lavender. Lavender is a soothing tone that is distinct without being overbearing. A light pastel purple can create a unique bathroom atmosphere that is still easy on the eyes. Lavender walls can also help reflect the light and make your bathroom feel bigger and more open.


If you’re not the biggest fan of pastel colours, a nice shade of light grey can add a calming and serene touch to your bathroom. A soft grey tone can create a sophisticated and elegant ambiance in your space. Grey paint is a great way to use a neutral tone to create an interesting and charming environment. Make sure to use a light tone with a strong white accent—darker shades of grey can make your bathroom feel small and uncomfortable.

Creating a charming bathroom environment is important for any interior design scheme. At Ottawa Gatineau Painting, we can give you the professional paint job you want so you can fully enjoy your bathroom. For more information about our interior and exterior painting services, contact us today.